Contemporary Athleticism | A MIND-MEETS-BODY APPROACH

A dance practice conceived and developed by Mary Kate Sheehan.
A class that dives deep into knowledge of the body and how the moving body affects the space it touches. Modern Dance technique elements, like contraction, spiral, release, and rebound are the foundations of all that we love today as Contemporary Dance--yet we so often forget this. This workshop explores how we can use "old" ideas intelligently to make us stronger, smarter, more efficient contemporary dancers with unlimited physical and creative possibilities...  all with a sprinkling of yogic/energetic philosophy to further our mind-body connectedness and thus, the essential well-roundedness of the contemporary dancer. Sweat, smile, and move with power.

Mary Kate has more than 10 years of teaching experience across many genres, including ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, pointe, and Irish dancing. She works with all levels of dance experience from age 4 up through adults. She teaches both technique and repertory as well as partnering and composition in pre-professional and professional settings internationally. She is Contemporary and Modern faculty at Peridance Capezio Center and STEPS on Broadway in New York City, and she has taught and choreographed in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Greece, Taiwan, and South Africa in professional, pre-professional, and outreach settings.  

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